Queer Saints & Martyrs: Synopsis

Prequel: Before Christianity

Studies of the animal kingdom, and of non-Western and pre-industrial societies show clearly that there is no single “natural” form for either human or animal sexuality. Homosexual activity  has been described by science for all divisions of the animal kingdom, in all periods of history, and in all regions of the world. Most religions recognise this. The monotheistic Christian religion teaches that God made us in His own image and likeness – but other religions, when they attempted to picture their many gods and goddesses, created their gods in human image and likeness, and so incorporated into their pantheon many gods who had sex with males – either divine or human.

The Rape of Ganymede

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One thought on “Queer Saints & Martyrs: Synopsis”

  1. Why don't we simply see that religion is only smoke and mirrors with no supportable evidence other than its OWN writings and belief.Even though scientists have VERIFIABLE proof of global warming, cancer and smoking, many continue to believe that they don't know what they are talking about. They have no "FAITH" in what the EVIDENCE tells them.Gayness is a social issue. Acceptance or no acceptance is completely in the hands of the MAJORITY of persons that is in charge of the moral code at a particular point in history . . . whether Christ is OK with it will always be in debate because the evidence will always be suspect. We are simply asked to have FAITH . . . NO PROOF is ENOUGH.If you choose to sodomize or be sodomized is your choice and like other choices we make in life it has its consequences, good or bad. If you feel that somehow getting Jesus's blessing will make all the bad go away, think again. Jesus died a long time ago.

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