Some Gods of Homosexual Love

In Christian theology, we are told that we are made “in God’s image and likeness.” Taking a broader view across all religions, it is more accurate to say that humans make gods & goddesses in our own image and likeness – even where they are visualized in non-human form, their reported behaviour is frequently anthropomorphic.

This is especially obvious outside of the monotheistic religions. In these, the necessity for imagining gods & goddesses in relationships and interactions with other gods produces tales of jealousy, rivalry, and amorous adventures that look remarkably human.   Reflecting what each culture sees in itself, the deities also reflect a range of interests, temperaments – and sexual preferences. Many pantheons, especially those from Classical Greece and Rome, China, India, South America and Oceania, feature prominent gods and goddesses who had homosexual relationships or adventures. (Hindu deities are especially notable for the ease with which many of them change gender from time to time).

This much I knew. But the biggest surprise for me yesterday, when I was reading some more about LGBT themes in mythology, was the discovery that in some mythologies, there are gods who are specifically designated not just as practitioners, but even as patrons of male homosexuality.

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5 thoughts on “Some Gods of Homosexual Love”

  1. Kitt, the Hindu pantheon has more queer gods, demigods and mythological heroes by far than any other. The only reason I didn't include more examples is that there are so many of them, and so many variations of their stories, that I became totally confused and didn't know where to start.It could be useful though to put some work into making some sense of it all – and then I could share some more. In the meantime, I have scheduled some more detail on the Chinese rabbit god for publication later this week.

  2. A very interesting contribution in that it demonstrates how homosexuality is deeply embedded in the very make up of human nature. That is the humanity as created by the one true God of the Christian tradition. It will no longer do to say, as the Church continues to try and say, that homosexuality is a distortion and not meant to be and can only be accepted as a trial.

  3. That is precisely why I wrote this. Whatever the Vatican may say about "disordered", the evidence is overwhelming that same sex relationships are not only natural,but in some societies are valued as having special spiritual gifts.Even in the animal world, homoerotic activities are found in many species – in some cases, even more commonly than procreative sex. In bighorn sheep, most rams are almost exclusively homosexual – and it's the hetero rams that adopt what humans might think of as wimpish, submissive behaviour.The Vatican constantly talks about the importance of both faith and reason – but the application of reason depends on a sound foundation from real evidence.

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