About “Queer Saints and Martyrs”

At my primary blog, “Queering the Church”, and at my blogger site, “Queer Saints and Martyrs (and Others)“. one of the strands I have been exploring for some years now has been the place of LGBT/queer people in Christian history.

However, I have been dissatisfied with the blogger technology(and the way I set it up originally), and am in the process of transferring the entire site here, to the WordPress platform. One of the key reasons for this is a strong desire to organize and rewrite the material in book form, arranging the material in a chronological, narrative format. The WP platform enables me to do this, by combining elements of a traditional blog, and a content -based website. The original posts, in conventional blog style, you will find here as conventional blog posts. But by following the page menus (listed horizontally across the top of the site), you will be able to see the material arranged chronologically and thematically, into the beginning of a narrative structure.

For now, this is very much a work in progress: much of it (nearly all) needs to be rewritten, some needs expanding, some condensing. That will be a continuous process. But as I do – feel free to explore – and please, please, let me know if you find anything clearly incorrect, misleading, or confusing.

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