Calendar for October

Catholic tradition honours the remarkable men and women who have contributed significantly to its heritage by recognising them as saints. Secular tradition like to remember specific events or causes by setting aside specific dates for their observance. This page is a start at assembling a calendar of notable dates of importance to our queer Christian community.

The Calendar of Queer Saints and Martyrs for the full year now lists only the most important of the large number that could be included – “most important”:  those widely recognized as saints, and also with good reason to be described as in some sense queer.

The monthly pages provide a more comprehensive listing of queer people in church history, including some lesser figures, some for whom the descriptor “queer” is more speculative, and some who were clearly were not saints. All are important for illustrating some part of queer Christian history.


  • Oct 2nd
  • Oct 27 th
    • Erasmus of Rotterdam (1466 – 1536), Netherlands. Renaissance humanist, Catholic priest, and theologian who tried to bridge the gap between Catholic and Reformation impulses – and who is also known for a series of passionate love letters he wrote to  a young monk Servatius Roger, and  allegations of improper advances made to the young Thomas Grey, later Marquis of Dorset, while employed Erasmus as his tutor.
    • Allen R Schindler Jr. (1969 – 1992 ) US Naval Petty Officer, murdered in hate crime killing – a modern gay martyr, killed for not hiding his sexuality during the era of DADT in the US military.
  • October 31st
    • Hallowe’en?

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