Queer Saints and Martyrs for February

Fr Robert Carter, Feb 22nd

Feb 1st

Feb 9th

Feb 12th

Feb 13th

Feb 14th: Valentine’s Day

Feb 20

Feb 22nd

Feb 23rd

Feb 28th

(See the “Calendar of Queer Saints and Martyrs” for the listings of queer saints and martyrs covering the entire year. The full year page lists only the most important of the large number that could be included, especially those widely recognized as saints, and also with good reason to be described as in some sense queer.

The monthly pages provide a more comprehensive listing of queer people in church history, including some lesser figures, some for whom the descriptor “queer” is more speculative, and some who were clearly were not saints –  but are known to have had same – sex intimate relationships. All are important for illustrating some part of queer Christian history.)

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